Immortal Brush 2019

For the past 13 years we’ve hosted an annual paint contest at the shop called The Immortal Brush.

Thanks to Kelly, Legion & Chad for judging.

Here are this year’s winners

Best Sci-Fi Large: Brendan T

Immortal Brush 2

Best Sci-Fi Five Figures: Dillon C.

Immortal Brush 3

Best Fantasy Squad: Jett M

Immortal Brush 4

Best Fantasy Large AND Customer Vote: Dillon C

Immortal Brush 1

Best Diorama: Hudson W

Immortal Brush 5

1000pts: Dragon Ogors

I played a game with my new Beastmen list! After playing a game with the Minotaurs (Bulgors) and not liking how they played, I decided to swap them out for Dragon Ogors. Below is my new list configured for Meeting Engagement rules.


Shaggoth- 180- Command Trait: Lightning Fast Monstrosity. Artifact: Chained Bracers.

Spell: Thunderwave.

Doomblast Dirgehorn- 50

10x Beastigor- 120

3x Dragon Ogor- 140

Main Body

Bray Shaman- 100- Spell: Vicious Stranglethorns

3x Dragon Ogor- 140

Ghorgon- 200


10x Gors- 70




Part of my problem with the Minotaur force was too many rules to remember. After mentioning this to a friend, they gave me the tip to use AoS reminders. My reminders sheet was FIVE! Pages for my 1000pt force. So, I pasted it into Word and reformatted it to two pages. AoS reminders is a very helpful tool.

My first game went very well against Sylvanth. I was able to hold onto my objective all game and take their objective on the final turn. I was also able to dish out more wounds then I got on three of the four turns, winning me the game.

I look forward to playing more games with this force. Though I’m not sure what I want to add to play a larger game.

1000pts Minotaurs

I re-based parts of my Beastmen army for Age of Sigmar and played a game with them. I was not super happy how they played, so many abilities to remember! Not sure if I’ll stick with them to learn how they play. I’ve already started a different Beastmen variant list…

Beastmen Army

AoS Paint Challenge #6 (July)

My Age of Sigmar paint challenge is complete! This month I painted a few extra items to round my force out to 1000pts, and fit the Meeting Engagement rules from General’s Handbook 2019.

I looking forward to playing all the Meeting Engagement scenarios and trying them with a variety of forces I have.

I played one game last week vs the Legions of Nagash and narrowly lost. The game was super fun!

Moulder 1000 2