Urban building terrain and some trash…

Finished up the last of my Walking Dead Terrain. The four building kit from Mantic is fantastic. I highly recommend it.

Most of the painting is done with my air brush, then some quick brush work.

Also painted some trash and a couple of Safes.

You can also combine two of the buildings to make a two story building.

Soulbound RPG

I’ve now played a couple games of Age of Sigmar Soulbound RPG.

Soulbound’s rules are easy to learn yet not “basic” and the group dynamics are great and well explained.

I look forward too many more sessions.
I’m playing a Stormcast named Danzig… cause the model looks like Danzig.

Why is Danzig standing on a pile of brick?

Why is Danzig searching the Mortal Realms for Henry?

The Band 2

Duric died, so a new Dwarf joined the band. Meet Edith, she is a crazy barbarian.

The Band 2

The band is currently travelled to the Province of Averoigne looking for way to escape this cursed dimension!

Edith has already given a few band members nicknames…

Left to Right

Kalanar “Herby”. -Fighter

Muurg nickname TBD -Monk?

Edith – Barbarian

Zamar “Jiber Jaber” -wizard

I also played a one-shot D&D session a few weeks ago. I decided to play a character based off Warduke.

Warduke died BUT was resurrected.


The Band

While playing D&D I pick away at painting models. Recently I decided to paint a model for each adventurer in the group. I like the Wizkids models cause they take about 15-25 mins to paint and they are cheap!

I was playing a Dwarf Paladin but he died during my last session. Drinking acid then falling into acid will do that to you…

The Band 1

The band is currently caught in Castle Amber and trying to escape…

Left to Right

Muurg the alien

Duric the now dead dwarf paladin

Kalanar “Kill Stealer” and his sword “Herby”. Fighter

Zamar Glantri wizard

Speed painting MDF building

I’ve bought a bunch of MDF buildings over the last year. I needed to figure out a way to paint them quickly or I know I’ll never get around to painting them. The idea was to paint with my airbrush two tones for each colour. I tried to keep brushing to a minimum.

A started with the interior, airbrushed grey followed by white.

I then masked off the windows so when I painted the outside the paint would not ruin the interior.

A coat of brown, followed by an off white. I used the roof to cap off the model so spray would not get into the interior.

I airbrushed the window edges black then a quick shot of dark grey. Painting them separate was key to a tidy look with less touch up work later.

Flat roof was airbrushed black with a quick shot of grey. I later hand painted the edges dark brown.

Roof was airbrushed black then some grey.

I hand painted the floor off white. I probably could have done just the edges because I was planning to install a paper flooring.

Bricks were hand painted dark red with a quick lighter red drybrush.

I bought some paper flooring at Michael’s. I think its used in dollhouses. I hate measuring and cutting, so I tried to make the cuts fairly simple and not worry about getting it in perfect. Spay glue was key to getting it to sit flat.

The finished item! Took maybe two hours. Next time, I’ll tackle three buildings at once.

Warhammer Underworlds The Dread Pageant

Looking for ways to play virtual miniature games, I figured Warhammer Underworlds would work fairly well with ZOOM and Roll 20. I want to play with models I painted and NOT images I found on the internet. To get me started I bought Direchasm and painted up The Dread Pageant. These figures were super fun to paint and I already want to paint a new warband and I’m yet to play a game!

The Dread Pageant
Vasillac the Gifted

Dice: 30mm!!!

I like large dice! But not many manufacturers make anything larger than 16mm. So, I decided to make my own. The project ended up being way harder than expected! So far, I’ve only finished a few. Slowly I’ll make more when the motivation strikes me.
My dice are 30mm and cast from resin.

Heroes Feast – Otik’s Spiced Potatoes.

I tried my first recipe from Heroes’ Feast -the D&D cookbook. Naturally I had to cook Otik’s Spiced Potatoes.

Otik is the inn keeper of the Inn of the Last Home from the Dargonlance book: Dragons of Autumn Twilight. Ask any Dragonlance fan and I’m sure they will remember the mouth-watering description of Spiced Potatoes.

Recipe turned out great! I like it better than the recipe from Leaves from The Inn of Last Home, complete Krynn Source book.

Here is a picture

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