I’ve been working on a bunch of modern miniatures lately. Below are cartel models from SPECTER miniatures. These miniatures were fun to paint cause they have so much character to them.



Shanty Town

I needed a non fantasy gaming table. Something I could use in a variety of modern, sci-fi or post-apocalyptic games.

So, I decided on a “shanty town”.

Buildings and barricades were 3d printed, the factory is from Lasercraft (MDF) and the vehicles from the Walking Dead game.

I can’t wait to shoot up this town.

Judge Dredd Starter Box

Near the start of the year I painted a Judge Dredd Stater box. So far, I’ve had no time to try the game out. I have been collecting terrain from TTC. So, if or when I get a chance to play, I’ll have a pretty sweet table too.


Dredd Gangers

Judge Anderson


Judge Dredd


The terrain in the background is my new shanty town table. More on that later…

Warcry: more Cypher Lords & games

Before the world went to shit, I was getting in some Warcry games. Its not often I get to play any one thing consistently. Then the pandemic hit…

Below is my second round of models I painted and converted to play in a campaign.

Some random pictures from the campaign I was in.

I hope when the world goes back to normal my group can pick-up where we left off and keep playing!

Thousand Sons: April Challenge

I have 20 Rubric Marines in my force so I figured 10 of them should get a ride to where they want to go…

Next months challenge is another 10 Rubric Marines, they are almost done, just need to decal them.

I need to decide what I’m painting for June. Any Suggestions???? I was thinking Forge Fiend or Hell Brute…

Thousand Sons: March Challenge

I completed my March paint challenge! Though its taken me until today to stick it on the blog, it was completed in March! I also completed 85% of what I need to paint for May’s challenge.

Primer bases and guns: Gunmetal Spray from Army Painter. Figures were primed Grey Seer Spray from Citadel.







Retributor Armour is amazing, one coat gold!


Feeling the crunch of time to paint, I got lazy taking photos from this point on. I used Reikland Fleshshade Gloss to shade the metal and shine it up a bit.



The brown splotches is Typhus Corrosion. You will see later I drybrush with Ryza Rust.

Decals are a nightmare. I had no Decal Softener, making them even harder. Never again! Always use Decal Fix, and Decal Softener!


My Sub-assembly of Ahriman. I painted most of him while painting the Rubric Marines.


I added magnets so I could use Ahriman on disk or foot.

All complete!


Its April 7th and I’m still not sure what I plan to do for this months challenge….