Monster Mash-up!

A monster mash-up of figures I painted last year for various D&D games I ran in 2019.

Carrion Crawler (Wizkids)

Carrion crawler

Rats! (Games Workshop)


Naga (Bushido, Risen Sun: (Ito Clan) Ito Mizuki)


Mind Flayer (Wizkids)


Beggars are monsters… right? (Otherworld)


Spiders (Wizkids)


Thugs. I love the personality of these figures. (Otherworld)

Giant insects. A must for most Basic D&D games. (Reaper Bones)

Giant Bees

Fire Beetles (Otherworld)

Fire Beetles

Goblin Leaders (Otherworld)

Goblin Leaders

The first of twelve Hobgoblins for my B5 Horror on the Hill project. (Otherworld)


2020! Game plans!

A new year has begun and with it, too many projects. I have so many plans to play as many games, and I doubt I can get though it all. My plan this year is; no plan. I plan to paint minis and play games as they come up or I’m motivated to do so.

Here is a list of this year’s ambitious plans…

Warcry: I’ve already played a couple of games this year, and hope to play more with a new(ish) game group. Not much to paint for Warcry as I have done enough to start playing.

Doctor Who: I have some new miniatures I’d like to paint. Maybe I’ll actually play a game of Exterminate this year.

B5 Horror on the Hill: I have painted many of the figs needed to run this BD&D adventure, but still need to paint more.

Judge Dredd: I already painted the basic contents of the starter game. I’d like to paint a few more of the new Fatties. I’d like to at least play the demo game in the next few months…

Warhammer 40k: The shop is hosting a five-month army builder starting March. I’m a bit undecided what to paint for it, but I think I’ll do Thousand Sons; they would add well to my Age of Sigmar models.

Star Wars Legion: I’m been wanting to sink my teeth into this game for some time, and with a few fresh opponents at the shop I’m ready. I’m currently painting an Imperial force. I’d really like to play tons of Legion this year.

Middle-Earth Strategy Battle Game: I have everything I need including terrain to play the Scouring of the Shire scenarios. I just need to play!

I just started painting Legion and almost have 500pts complete. More pictures coming soon.

Stormtroopers 1

My first Warcry game! Looking back on my blog I realized I’ve not posted my warband. Pictures coming soon…


I hope to have lots of pictures of my projects through 2020.

Immortal Brush 2019

For the past 13 years we’ve hosted an annual paint contest at the shop called The Immortal Brush.

Thanks to Kelly, Legion & Chad for judging.

Here are this year’s winners

Best Sci-Fi Large: Brendan T

Immortal Brush 2

Best Sci-Fi Five Figures: Dillon C.

Immortal Brush 3

Best Fantasy Squad: Jett M

Immortal Brush 4

Best Fantasy Large AND Customer Vote: Dillon C

Immortal Brush 1

Best Diorama: Hudson W

Immortal Brush 5

1000pts: Dragon Ogors

I played a game with my new Beastmen list! After playing a game with the Minotaurs (Bulgors) and not liking how they played, I decided to swap them out for Dragon Ogors. Below is my new list configured for Meeting Engagement rules.


Shaggoth- 180- Command Trait: Lightning Fast Monstrosity. Artifact: Chained Bracers.

Spell: Thunderwave.

Doomblast Dirgehorn- 50

10x Beastigor- 120

3x Dragon Ogor- 140

Main Body

Bray Shaman- 100- Spell: Vicious Stranglethorns

3x Dragon Ogor- 140

Ghorgon- 200


10x Gors- 70




Part of my problem with the Minotaur force was too many rules to remember. After mentioning this to a friend, they gave me the tip to use AoS reminders. My reminders sheet was FIVE! Pages for my 1000pt force. So, I pasted it into Word and reformatted it to two pages. AoS reminders is a very helpful tool.

My first game went very well against Sylvanth. I was able to hold onto my objective all game and take their objective on the final turn. I was also able to dish out more wounds then I got on three of the four turns, winning me the game.

I look forward to playing more games with this force. Though I’m not sure what I want to add to play a larger game.

1000pts Minotaurs

I re-based parts of my Beastmen army for Age of Sigmar and played a game with them. I was not super happy how they played, so many abilities to remember! Not sure if I’ll stick with them to learn how they play. I’ve already started a different Beastmen variant list…

Beastmen Army

AoS Paint Challenge #6 (July)

My Age of Sigmar paint challenge is complete! This month I painted a few extra items to round my force out to 1000pts, and fit the Meeting Engagement rules from General’s Handbook 2019.

I looking forward to playing all the Meeting Engagement scenarios and trying them with a variety of forces I have.

I played one game last week vs the Legions of Nagash and narrowly lost. The game was super fun!

Moulder 1000 2