AoS Paint Challenge #6 (July)

My Age of Sigmar paint challenge is complete! This month I painted a few extra items to round my force out to 1000pts, and fit the Meeting Engagement rules from General’s Handbook 2019.

I looking forward to playing all the Meeting Engagement scenarios and trying them with a variety of forces I have.

I played one game last week vs the Legions of Nagash and narrowly lost. The game was super fun!

Moulder 1000 2


Conan: Zula

I made a character for the Conan RPG (from Modiphius) bases on Zula from the Conan Destroyer film. When looking for a miniature I could find very little appropriate representations. So, I turned to Hero Forge, a build your own rpg miniature company.


I had a fun time choosing through all the options and settled on the Premium Plastic option for casting. Premium Plastic is excellent for painting, has sharp detail and is not bendy.

After ordering I had the model in 10 days, much faster then anticipated. My only critique was the price, after shipping, $62 dollars Canadian. A unique figure, a fun experience designing, and printed in a nice paintable material, yes, at some point will buy more.

SAGA Age of Magic!

I’ve been waiting for Saga Age of Magic for some time. I’ve had a chance to look through it and assemble my first force. You can almost construct any kind of fantasy force you can think of. For my first force I decided to dig into my Lord of the Rings collection and use my hobbits that I’ve played very few games with.

Six Points Hobbits of the Shire (Great Kingdoms)

Drogo Fowlfoot on pony. (Warlord on horse)

Gandalf (Sorcerer)

Treebeard (Monster, Titan)

Frodo, Sam, Merry & Pippin on pony (Hearthguard on horse)

8x Battlin’ Brandybucks (Warriors)

8x Sherriffs (Warriors)

6x Tookish Hunters (Levies)

Hot-pot (War Machine, static)


The only figure I had to paint for this force was the Halfling Hot-pot. I made a mistake assembling and put both halflings side by side rather then in a line pulling the rope. Looks fine to me, so I’m sticking with it. I painted the figure in 2 hours using the citadel contrast paints. So far, I really like the contrast paint and will be using them a fair bit. After my first couple figures I’ve learnt a few minor things about contrast.

-Your base colour makes a big difference how the colours turn out. Make sure you have a very thorough primer coat. The paint will not settle on areas that the primer missed.

-Shake the pot right before use. These paints need to be properly mixed to attain their effect. I invested in mixing balls from Army Painter. Mixing balls also helped revive some of my older metallic paints.

-Do not use water to thin contrast. If you need to make a contrast colour less pigment heavy use the contrast medium. Water affects how contrast dries ruining its ability to pool in the recesses and give you that nice two-tone look.

-Varnish your figures when complete. I normally varnish my metal miniatures, but in this case because the paint goes on so thin, I noticed paint was coming off as I handled them. So, I applied Vallejo Satin Varnish and now my hot-pot is fine for handling.