Goblins / Stirges

Painting goblins for a D&D game. I’m trying to paint encounter groups for all the humanoid races.

goblinlrD&D adventures need stirges!

stirgelrModels are from Otherworld Miniatures.


Blackstone Fortress – Demo Set

The start of my Blackstone Fortress painting has begun. I had to get these models ready for a demo game. My goal is to finish the entire set by February 2019.

Rogue Trader- Janus Draik

Janus Draik

Imperial Robot- UR-025


Traitor Guardsmen

Traitor Guardsmen


Ur Ghuls

I plan to paint two more character and the Spindle Drones next.

Wilfred “Wilf” Mott

I felt like I forgot about the Doctor Who miniature game, that I’m still yet to play. So I grabbed Wilf off the pile of unpainted Who minis and slapped some paint on him.

Wilfred is Donna Nobles grandfather and a companion to the 10th Doctor.



Orcs / Elf / Wolf

Lately I’ve been painting a wide assortment of figures for various RPGs I plan to play. So, a bit of a mixed bag today.

My collection of Elf figures was lacking so I painted up this figure from Otherworld miniatures.


This figure is from the Wizkids unpainted miniature line. I think this is the first figure from this line I’ve painted and felt satisfied with the final result.

Dire Wolf

I’ve been waiting awhile to paint this orc captain figure and finally circled back to finish it. I’m very happy how it turned out. I did not notice until I took the photo that I did not match the bases, I’ll have to fix this later.

Orc Captian

Fireglaives (2nd unit)

This is the final unit I plan to add to my chaos dwarf force. I may circle back to the force at some point but in the mean-time I’m calling the army done!

These fantastic figures are the last of my Titan Wargames figures. They were great models to paint.


My Tzeentch army is done too! Hope to take pictures by the end of the year.

Adeptus Titanicus – Warlord

This year I’ve painted tons of figures for GW/FFG releases for the shop. One project I’m very excited about is the new Adeptus Titanicus. I don’t get as much time to play as I’d like, and am happy to report I got my Warlord to the table for a game.

I had to paint my Warlord super fast to make it for release, so I did not magnetize the arms like everyone else. Guess I’ll have to do up another one! Also, pictured here are the new building for this scale. They painted up quick but took forever to assemble, these building are very modular.


I got shot up in a head on gun fight and my reactor exploded!


We played a Warlord mega-battle! The game highlight was Carmin one-shot Stefan’s Warlord.