Between paint projects I try to paint an adventurer. I’d like to end up with a wide variety of Basic D&D characters.

Fighter (Reaper Miniatures)


Magic-User (Citadel Miniatures)


Thief (Otherworld Miniatures)


Mystic (Reaper Miniatures)


Mystic (Otherworld Miniatures)

Chaotic Cleric (Reaper Miniatures)

Fighter. I used chipping paint on the shield. I’m happy with the result. (Copplestone Casting)


Fighter. I tried a none metallic metal technique on this figure. (I do not remember the manufacturer)




My buddy Jay sent me one of the new “Bones Black” Owlbears from REAPER miniatures. (Check out Jay’s Owlbears HERE). Bones Black models are cast in a harder material then the regular Bones material. The model cleaned up easily with a knife and glued together with super glue. I’m very impressed with this figure and can’t wait to see more Bones Black.

Inspiration for my colour scheme came from the cover of the soon to be released D&D forest campaign book from Kobold Publishing called Tales of the Old Margreve. See the cover and book HERE. I can’t wait for this book to hit the store shelf!

Drogo Fowlfoot

Drogo Fowlfoot

Drogo has been a halfling character I’ve played in almost every Warhammer Fantasy role-play campaign I’ve ever played in. Currently, I’m playing the new edition of WFRP and absolutely loving it! So, I had to paint up a miniature to represent Drogo for this game. (I did randomly roll a halfling!) I found both these figures from the Copplestone Casting range of figures. I really like these figures because there are few armoured fighter halfling figures in other ranges. My WFRP career is a Solider so this fit perfect.


Drogo Fowlfoot


I have a model of Drogo on pony-back. If I survive long enough, I’ll paint that up too.

Blackstone Fortress #6

Work continues on my set. Looking forward to playing some solo games as soon as I finish.

Raus & Rein the Ratling Twins

Raus & Rein

Negavolt Cultists. I’d like to see more models like this. Like a twisted dark machanicus army… (I did paint four, not sure why a just have three here.)

Negavolt Cultists

Adeptus Titanicus: Knights / Warhounds / Reaver

Keeping up with all the games I want to play is impossible. But I’ll die trying. I really want to play more Adeptus Titanicus so I have been trying to paint up a force bit by bit between other projects. I now have enough done to play a small game. I’m still trying to find time to learn the rules though…





Reaver Titan w/ variant arms