Greater Daemon of Tzeentch

I painted the greater daemon of Tzeentch awhile ago to play larger games of Age of Sigmar. So far, I’ve just played less then 1500. I’d like to play 2000pts and field it.

I followed the paint guide on the Warhammer TV web site. I really enjoyed this tutorial.


AoS Paint Challenge #4 (May)

Paint challenge continues! This month I finished up the fearsome Hell Pit Abomination. This disgusting creature is a terror on the battlefield. I played a quick game and it lived up to its reputation.

My June challenge is already finished, so I plan to work on a few things to round out my 750point army. At the end of June, we will play a 750pt game.

Hell Pit Abomination

Blackstone Fortress #7

Finally finished all the figures in my Blackstone set. The Ministorm Priest was a slog. Nice model, but my colour scheme did not come together with my quick paint style.

I hope to get some games in soon!

Ministorm Priest

Ministorum Priest

The last two Ur-Ghuls


AoS Paint Challenge #3 (April)

I finished my Battleline for April, and I’m well on my way to finish the rest of the force. I should have no problems with the monthly deadline from now to the end. I also got a chance to play a Triumph and Treachery match with my newly painted figs. I was very pleased with the Rat Ogor’s performance. Can’t wait to get more on the table!

Rat ogor2

AoS Paint Challenge #2 (April)

I finished my test figure for my April Age of Sigmar paint challenge. Paint a “battleline”. I plan to paint for this month and June when I have to do another battleline. If time gets tight, I’ll just focus on six of them. I’m also painting and basing a few items to get my Beastmen up-to 1500pts.

Rat ogor

Age of Sigmar Paint Challenge: March

I’m involved in an Age of Sigmar painting challenge. Paint 1000pts by the end of June. Each month we have to meet a goal. I’ve chosen to paint a Skaven Clan Moulder force. If I decide to convert my 8th edition Warhammer Fantasy Skaven army to Age of Sigmar, the Clan Moulder figures would complement them well. For March I had to paint a leader. I choose a Grey Seer. Next month I have to paint a Battleline, which will be Rat Ogors.

March paint challenge complete!



Between paint projects I try to paint an adventurer. I’d like to end up with a wide variety of Basic D&D characters.

Fighter (Reaper Miniatures)


Magic-User (Citadel Miniatures)


Thief (Otherworld Miniatures)


Mystic (Reaper Miniatures)


Mystic (Otherworld Miniatures)

Chaotic Cleric (Reaper Miniatures)

Fighter. I used chipping paint on the shield. I’m happy with the result. (Copplestone Casting)


Fighter. I tried a none metallic metal technique on this figure. (I do not remember the manufacturer)