Chaos Dwarf Command

I picked up twelve Chaos Dwarf figures from Titan Wargames. Here are the first two I’ve painted. These figures have great bold lines for painting, making them very fun and satisfying to paint.


I also added an old plastic GW undead shield  to tie these figures into the look of the rest of my army.


The Hellcannon has proven to be the best piece of Chaos Dwarf artillery in all my games. Sadly, it did not make the cut into the 1000pt force I’ve been painting as of late. The Hellcannon is part of the “Legacy” lists, meaning its not official list material, and it does not carry any of the Azgorh keywords. I’ve replaced it with a converted Dreadquake Mortar. I will play games with the Hellcannon again, but probably not in 1000pts or match played games.DCIM100GOPROGOPR1291.


The base is from Secret Weapon.

Napper Grundrin

Collecting Old Hammer miniatures can be a daunting prospect when trying to fill holes to complete a fieldable army in what ever edition you are playing.  So, it was a nice surprise when my buddy Ash at Guerrilla miniatures sent me what he had to help fill out my ranks. Thanks Ash! And thanks Jay for arranging transport! Check these two playing wargames on Ash’s channel.

The first miniature Ash sent me is new to my collection and is a figure from the Chaos Dwarf Renegades box. This was a super cool box of thematic miniatures each with his own name. I’m pleased to welcome Napper Grundrin to my ranks. (I did give Napper a shield from my undead collection).

I imagine if Napper ever meets an Ogre he will try to kill it, with no loyalties to previous owners…

Gorechosen Heldrax Goretouched

Mr. Goretouched is the last of my Gorechosen figures to paint for now.

There are rules for three more figures in the box game I’m yet to complete.

-Atorg & Tark are models from the AoS starter set. I have to find were I stored them.

-Hagreth; I still have to buy.

I must have them all!

I also have plans to build a double sized arena so I can play larger gladiator fights.

Gorechosen Vexnar the Reaper

I submitted a Gorechosen figure for my Secret Santa painter this year. My model was randomly given to Stefan to paint. What a FANTASTIC paint job. He said this was his first attempt at blending. I think Stefan nailed it!