Saga Battle Report

A few weeks ago I headed down to Seattle to see Bolt Thrower play. The show was FANTASTIC!

While in Seattle Carmin and I visited the Green Ronin studio and we challenged Chris Pramas to a game of SAGA. Following is a brief of what happened.

We played the Feast For Crows scenario 4pts each

Turn One

Turn Two: Chris moves his Vikings forward.

Turn TwoB

Turn Three:

Turn Three B

Turn Four: Battle lines start to form

Turn Four

Turn Five: Chris & Carmin have their first fight.

Turn Five

Turn Six: Shit hits the fan! Fights across the board. Carmin Kills “Fatso” my Anglo Dane Warlord. And my warriors pop “Lords of Battle” and I think “Shield Wall” ,¬†miraculously killing Carmin’s Fanatics. Chris and I also had a small battle.

Turn Six

Turn Seven: We were a few beers in and I forgot to take a photo. We were a bit pressed for time at this point. I believe the score was; me 13 pts Carmin 11pts and Chris 9pts.

Anglo Dane kill Pile

Chris’s Vikings! 4pts



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