Warmaster Ancients – Britons

A few years ago a few of us got into Warmaster Ancients. We went with 15mm figs and based them on the 40mm by 20mm bases suggested in the Warmaster Ancients rule-book. After painting my army we finally got the game to the table, BUT I realized I painted my chariot units as one stand per unit when I should have painted three stands per unit. Little things like this irritate me so I resolved not to play again until I painted up the correct unit sizes. I was also waiting for my gaming group to catch up to me and paint their armies. Well, other “shiny things” came along and we as a group got distracted with other projects and I did not finish my force. THEN! recently I worked up the motivation to pull the force out and finish it up. This game is completely off the radar with my gaming group, but I’m ready when it bubbles back up to the top!

Here is a link to Carmin’s blog and the battle we played a few years ago. HERE!



Mini: Corvus Belli


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