Triumph & Treachery: Skaven Mercenaries

I’ve been working on a Skaven army for some time now. I have no real goal to finish the army anytime soon as I have many other painted Warhammer armies to play games with. But, when inspiration  strikes me I add a bit more to my Skaven. Triumph & Treachery’s mercenary rules was the next bit of motivation to add a few more points to the growing Skaven horde. I’m adding them to my Vampire Count force which is lacking shooting. So, with 300 points to spend, I took; 5 Jezzails, 1 Doomwheel, & an Engineer with a Doomrocket.

300pts ready for primer.


My Doomwheel was missing its front lightning cannon bit. So, I dug into my bits box and pulled out this Necron cannon. I think it’s perfect. Two of my Jezzails were also missing their shields, I’ll have a later post about how I fixed that.


My 15 point Engineer with a 30 point magic item (Doomrocket) LOL! I dug the rocket out of the bottom of my bits box, not sure what it’s originally from. The Engineer is a warpfire thrower fig from the 8th ed starter set.


Mini: GW. OOP Doomwheel. Bases Micro Art Studio.


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