The Olive Oil Fix

When I seal my models I double coat them for best protection. I first use a gloss coat, which gives the best protection. Then I use Testors Dullcoat to take away the shine. Dull coat does not protect as well as the gloss, so therefore I always gloss first. Recently I finished a batch of miniatures (including the cops below), then coated them using my method. When I got the miniatures inside they were still too shiny. So I used the citadel paint on mat medium to dull them down so I would not have to go back outside to dull coat again. Having never used the citadel mat before, I did one test fig. It worked out well, but a bit too dull. So I decided to coat the rest of the miniatures (about a dozen) but this time I added a bit of water to the citadel mat to make it go on easier and counter the effects of if coating to dull.  Adding water is where I went wrong. After an hour of drying the miniatures had a white chalky residue in the cracks. I tried removing the residue with a dry brush, to no effect. Frustrated a decided to stop and have a “think” on the situation. The next day at work I was receiving entries for our shop’s paint contest, when a customer commented he had the same problem the night before with his entry. He recommended olive oil. I thought this bizarre, but with no better solution I thought I’d give it a try. It worked! I lightly brushed on a bit of olive oil, then after 3-4 mins brushed it off with a large brush and a generous amount of water. So I’m still left with some shinny figs but I’m done messing around with this batch and have decided to leave them as is.

These cops I plan to use in a future Call of Cthulhu RPG.



Mini: Copplestone Casting


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