Undead Legionnaires and Razid

No posts for a month huh? Well… I’ve been painting and playing games. So no time to post my up-dates.

Here is the start to my new Dark Legion force from the Kick-starter. The undead legionnaires were a bit of a pain to put together. Six parts! Thanks to citadel liquid green stuff I got them together.

I’m slowly working on Golgotha & Alakhai. When these models are done. All my K-S models will be complete


Mini: Prodos. Bases Micro Art Studio


3 thoughts on “Undead Legionnaires and Razid

  1. My recipe is: Base with Steel Legion Drab, a quick highlight/drybrush of Zandri Dust then a wash of Agrax Earthshade. I few touches here and there with Blood for the Blood God for gore effect.

  2. Nice Dark Legion force. I’m somewhat tempted to pick up some of the new Prodos stuff from the KS. I missed out after their Pledge Manager messed up on my account and by the time they fixed it, my money had been spent elsewhere.

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