Saved by Instant Mold

I have a huge backlog of Skaven miniatures I’m slowly getting to. But I’m finding as I open some of these packs I bought 7 to 8 years ago I’m missing pieces. I first encountered this with my Doomwheel, missing its front lightning cannon. So, I dug to the bottom of my bit box and fixed it. I made a post about that HERE.


Next, I had two Jezzails missing their shields. I had nothing suitable in my bits box so I had to get more inventive. So I gave Instant Mold a shot. Instant Mold worked perfect.

First you take the mold bars and throw them in boiling water. The heat makes the mold bars a bit gooey. Push/form the goo around the shield, creating a press mold of it. Make sure you use enough to completely surround the item being molded. Sprinkle a bit of cold water onto the goo, this will firm it up. Then slowly peel the shield out. The process takes just a few minutes.

Mold One


Next, fill the mold with Green Stuff. I made sure I filled the mold as evenly as possible, and smoothed out the back. The back of the mold will be facing the miniature and when on the game table hopefully will not be noticeable.

Mold Two


I give Green Stuff 24 hours to dry. Once dry, peal out of the mold and trim the edges with a knife. BAM DONE!



The edges are not as sharp as a metal model, but it saved two valuable figs for me.

Mini: Citadel. Base: Micro Art Studio.



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