Up the Irons

Why is this a post on a miniature blog? Simply put, Iron Maiden is the best band in the WORLD! Do I need a reason?

In 2012 Iron Maiden toured, and I, like a good soldier stepped in line and went to see them. I always get floor tickets and spend my years clothing allowance on t-shirts. And the show is always AMAZING.

From this tour I was lucky enough to get a signed ticket stub from Bruce Dickinson!

This is the story of how I got it!

My neighbour to where I work (the Sofa King) knows I’m a Maiden fan. (He can hear Maiden blasting from my shop through the back hallways of where we work constantly). One day he casually asked me if I wanted something signed by Bruce Dickinson. I laughed and said sure, thinking we was messing with me and seeking some kind of revenge for subjugating him to my music.

Later that afternoon a lady walked into the shop and said she was a friend of Sofa King and a producer on Ice Pilots, then asked me if I could get Bruce Dickinson to sign something for me because he was going to be on the show. HOLY CRAP yes please!

So she arranged one of the cast on the show to get Bruce to sign his ticket stub personalized to me! This is why the ticket is to the Edmonton show. I’m amazed at what a few people who don’t even know me did to get me an autograph. So a big THANK YOU.

I have a ticket stub collection of twenty years that this has become the crown jewel of.


Check out a preview of the Ice Pilot episode HERE.

And, in a future post I will be tying Iron Maiden to miniature gaming!


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