prime session / winter projects

Summer this year left little time for painting. With the turn of the weather I assembled all the projects I want to finish this winter and had an epic priming session. The last four weeks was spent assembling…. I hate assembly. Now its done and I’m ready to dive into painting again.


-I vowed to Carmin I would get 1500pts of WW1 if he got into it. If he starts painting, I’ll start painting.

-My wife bought me a basilisk last year for Christmas. I’d really like to finish it before this Christmas…

-I’m thinking about making one of the D-con games this year Dreadfleet. So gotta start somewhere.

-Foul Fowl. Nuff said!

-New Saga army for Crescent & Cross. This is the project I’m most eager for,

-Rumor is Skaven for late January 2015. So I figured I’d keep slugging away at this enormous army.

Lets see what gets done! Stay tuned.


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