Basilisk with a Maleficent Gaze

Monstrous Arcanum introduces some interesting scenarios to Warhammer that allow you to exceed your monster limit. The idea of taking the cap off monsters I think will provide some very entertaining games. For Christmas 2013 my wife mail-ordered me a Basilisk from Forgeworld. Christmas day 2014 I finally finished painting it!

I did a few internet searchers for colour schemes and essentially copied one I found. I think it turned out great

basilisk basilisk2

I wish I could find some more time to play Warhammer!

Mini: Forgeworld


4 thoughts on “Basilisk with a Maleficent Gaze

  1. Yes, I’ve really enjoyed the retro feel in a few of my games these days. I’ve been toying with the idea of adding my old Manticore or Chimera from the mid 90s. They are very small though and would look a bit odd if I put them on a larger base. I might break down and do the newish Chimera plastic kit. Its super nice!

  2. Excellent offerings. The paintjob is just great. I really enjoy the vibrant colours and how you amde all the details pop. The miniature reminds me a bit of the evil dudes in the ‘Dark Crystal’.

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