Mutatawi’a 1/6

My first unit for my Saga Crescent & Cross Mutatawi’a force. I plan to paint up a six point force. These Camel Riders are the first point.

On the table they look OK, but up close I struggled with the decals from Little Big Man studio. I really wanted to use them and applied them to the wrong type of shields, then tried to make them match. Didn’t work as well as I thought it would…

The conversion was fun. I used camel figs from the GW LOTR Haradrim range. The bodies are from the plastic Arab Spear man / Archers box.


Mini: LOTR GW / Gripping Beast


2 thoughts on “Mutatawi’a 1/6

  1. I really like these converted camels. Despite your problems with the decasl I think the shields came out nicely and really add to the overall good impression. I have a weak spot for armoured camels, so I really like these. The bases are also simple and evocative, just as it should be with desert terrain.

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