Another unit for my Skaven horde! 

This army is progressing very slow. But I’m determined not to rush it too much.

After painting tons of clan rats I figured it was time I added a unit with a bit more hitting power; Stormvermin. All my units I’ve themed to one of the main Skaven clans. So I wanted a rusted decay look of clan Pestilens.  I also wanted to see how well my two new favorite citadel colours would work on a unit (Typhus Corrosion & Ryza Rust). Below is a brief step by step.

First I clean, assemble & glue sand to the base. Then primer. In this picture I’ve added my first silver colour. I always try to use the largest brush I can when line painting.


Here I’m applying the Typhus Corrosion over all the metal areas. It got a bit sloppier the expected.


Then I dry brushed on Ryza Rust.


Next a dry brush of sliver. After the drybrush I applied a thin Agrax wash, to dull down the silver.


A crappy picture, but, next I paint the base and start adding details. Working from large details to the small details.


I two layer dry brush of green to get the Pestilance look.


I’m not 100% happy with how the Typhus Corrosion went on. It gives bits of the fur a sandy texture. I was just a bit too zealous with its application.

My Skaven force is one Grey Seer away from being a playable force. Not the best composition for a competitive game, but table legal!

Mini: Citadel (oop)


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