Warhammer Quest Silver Tower

My friends and I decided to each paint one character and a few monsters from the Silver Tower game, so we could play with a fully painted set. Not wanting to deviate from my other projects, I wanted to paint as fast as possible. I’m happy with the results of two paint sessions to get everything done! White Dwarf Weekly #121 was a big help.

I’m really looking forward to playing Warhammer Quest again!







4 thoughts on “Warhammer Quest Silver Tower

  1. Really nice results. I really like that smooth blednign and the skintone in general of the bigger demon. Is it me or are the Silvertower miniatures more ‘oldschool’ than the usual AOS offerings?

  2. I had not thought about that. I totally agree, and I think their ‘old school’ look is maybe why I’m so into painting them. I just primed up the elf and the eight cultists.

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