Silver Tower game!

I finally got the opportunity to play Warhammer Quest Silver Tower. I enjoyed the game as much as painting the miniatures for it.

Heroes gather to face the dark master of the Silver Tower and his nefarious challenges.


Kairic Acolytes are cut down by the Darkoath Chieftain.


Excelsior Warpriest faces many!

Mistweaver Saih makes it across a narrow chasm. One of the game highlights, was the dice balancing challenge.


I played the Tenbrael Shard. This character is crazy when you roll well. I stole many kills by teleporting around the board. Super fun character to play!


I’m looking forward to more games and trying the campaign element.

I’ve recently painted up characters for the Gorechosen game. All of them can be used in Silver Tower, looking forward to trying a Khorne war-party too!



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