Conan -Shevatas / Hadrathus / Belit / Zogar Sag / more Picts

Played the first scenario from the Conan board game, the same scenario every board game reviewer has done as a play through on the internet. “In the Clutches of the Picts”. We had a great time. Game was easily taught and played well with a few beers. Then we played a second game. “The Final Ritual”. We had a tough time understanding this scenario. So far, I really like this game and plan to paint a ton of miniatures for it, BUT, I think it may suffer from some scenarios are good and some bad. Too soon to tell at this point. In the meantime, I’m enjoying painting!

Belit & Shevatas

Hadrathus is my least favorite figure from the set. His scale seems to be a bit off from the rest of the figures. However, he is super fun to play in the game.


Zogar Sag seems to have an appetite for daughters of governors and Priestess of Mitra


I’ve painted all my Pict figures! Most of the starter scenarios have Picts, so I’m ready!

Better picture soon to come. I think the wood background is crap. I have a few more pictures in the can, but after that, I’ll go back to the black background.



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