Chaos Dwarf Command

I picked up twelve Chaos Dwarf figures from Titan Wargames. Here are the first two I’ve painted. These figures have great bold lines for painting, making them very fun and satisfying to paint.


I also added an old plastic GW undead shield  to tie these figures into the look of the rest of my army.


2 thoughts on “Chaos Dwarf Command

  1. Have you thought about adding any of those armoured-up steam-cyber-dwarves GW is coming out with to your army or are you strictly going to rock it old school?

  2. Oh man! Tough call. Those figs look so good. But, so far I plan to stick with the old school look. I have a few more things planned for this chaos dwarf force then I think I’ll just move on to another force and just say I’m done! I’ve already started a Tzeentch force…..

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