More Chaos Dwarfs / Dwergs

I ordered these figs awhile ago from Darkling games, I now have a few painted up. I will post them again with other projects but in the meantime, with the few I have painted, I wanted to show why I liked them so much.

-Every fig from the seventeen-figure pack is unique.

-Bold detail making painting easy.

-METAL models!

-Old school Chaos Dwarf feel.

-The pack also filled many holes in my force I need models for


As I inserted the above photo, I realized its a bit blurry, so I thought I’d include my next post too.

I played a bunch of Age of Sigmar games without command. Now I have enough command figures for both my units.


This is my new wizard. I bought the Dwerg pack from Darkling games for many good reason, BUT, I think this figure is one of the main reasons.

Next post I’ll show better photos of the mutants and what I’ve planned for them!


2 thoughts on “More Chaos Dwarfs / Dwergs

  1. All my painting is done on the fly, I’m not meticulous enough to keep a recipes book of colours used. I’m fairly good at looking at a figure and just knowing what colours I used. In this case, I looked at the beards in the picture and I could not remember how I did it. I sat for a few minutes looking at my paint rack and could not sort it out. So! I grabbed the figure off my shelf and quickly figured it out. I used Citadel Averland Sunset as a base, dry brushed with Yriel Yellow and finished it off with a Reikland Fleshshade mixed with Lahmian Medium. Quick and easy. I guess what I’m trying to say with this whole post is; It looks different in the picture then the actual model!

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