My first airbrushed figures!

I recently started painting with an air brush. I bought the air brush with the following two figures in mind, excited to try, I plugged it in and started painting. Not my best work, but I’m happy with the result as I’ve never used an air brush before.

The Burning Chariot is the second to last figure I needed to complete my 2000pt Tzeentch force.


Thaug appears in the Conan board game campaign I’ve been playing through. It was a ton of fun to play, and a fantastic model to paint.



Darkoath Warqueen / Malign Portents

This week concludes GW’s Malign Portents campaign. Malign Portents might have been one of the best WFB/AoS campaigns I’ve ever participated in. I enjoyed how the campaign captured the narrative and thematic rules.

I “slapped” some paint on a Darkoath Warqueen and had her join my Tzeentch force for a game.


Darkoath Warqueen fell to: new-model-added-to-army-syndrome. Bully circled to death by a bunch of Stormcast thugs.


Mutalith Vortex Beast

…an utter abomination of nature. It is a terrifying fusion of monster and magic, a creature mutated beyond all reason by the power of Chaos.

The final figure I needed for my 1250pt Age of Sigmar force! I was daunted to start this model but once I got painting it all came together.

Any Warhammer player will tell you, you’re newly freshly painted addition to your force will die horribly in its first outing… well, here is a picture of my Mutalith getting one shotted by a horde of Stormvermin.



A new year! This year I’m off to a great start on my painting projects. I have several armies that are very close to being done! So, no army is truly done, but I’m at the point with my 40k Death Guard, AoS Tzeentch, AoS Chaos Dwarfs and Conan board game where I feel I can move onto other projects.

I hope to continue with Path to Glory this year. After my last battle and defeat the great lord of change sent a Fatemaster to watch over Magnar the Clawed’s back. (I think Magnar will have to watch his own back…)

The Fatemaster!

Path to Glory Campaign Game Three

Chaos – Horstmann’s Heroes VS. Order-Tharndor’s Expeditionary Force

Battleplan: The Vendetta

Grundstok Thunderers & Tharndor the Profiteer return to the field of battle seeking vengeance.


Leading from the front Tharndor the Profiteer charges Magnar the Clawed’s flank.


After easily wiping out Magnar the Clawed and everything on the Kharadron left flank, Tharndor the Profiteer leads his band to destroy his rival blue horrors.


Grundstok Thunderers are victorious, clearing the battlefield of Tzeentch’s minions!

The lord of change taking notice of Magnar the Clawed’s defeat sends a Fatemaster to join Horstmann’s Heroes.

Horstmann’s Heroes Glory total: 8pts.

Path to Glory Campaign Game Two

Chaos – Horstmann’s Heroes VS. Order-Tharndor’s Expeditionary Force

Battleplan: The Sacrifice

Magnar the Clawed and Tzaangors prepare the sacrifice to almighty Tzeentch!


The Skywardens attempt a quick rescue, dealing much damage, but fail.


Tharndor the Profiteer attempts the rescue himself…


… but is defeated by an overwelming number of brimstone horrors.


The sacrifice was sucsessful, awarding Horstmen’s Heroes glory in the name of Tzeentch.

Glory Total:7pts. Tzaangors gained Devotees of the Dark Rite ability.

Next post; the vendetta of Tharndor the Profiteer.