Saga C&C: More Saracen

I’ve now painted a fair bit of Saracens for Crescent and the Cross.

Warriors (Gripping Beast plastic)


Hearthguard (Gripping Beast plastic)


I originally painted these Lord of the Ring figs to be my Hearthguard in my Mutatawwi’a force but I’ll now use them as warriors in the Saracen force.



Later in the year I hope to post some pics of these guys on my desert table.



I took a bit of a break from painting so I could figure out two units I wanted for my Chaos Dwarfs.

Blunderbuss/Fireglaives: Chaos Warriors + Dwarf Irondrakes/Ironbreakers

Bull Centaurs Renders: Halfbreeds(Mantic)+Chaos Warriors+Ironbreakers/Irondrakes


I should get to painting these in a month or two.

Saga C&C: Saracen, Warlord & Infantry

I’ve switched my Mutatawi’a force to a Saracen force. I’ve not given up on the Mutatawi’s, I do plan to come back, but in the meantime I’ve found the Saracen list easier to play.

I’ve attempted a fantasy feel with the force. This has allowed me to include some interesting miniatures from the Lord of The Rings range and Helldorado.

Saracen Warlord (from Lord of the Rings)

Archers & Spearmen (plastic figs from Gripping Beast.)



more Saracens to come.