Attack Wing Eddie

I’ve added Eddie from Iron Maiden into three of my favourite games.

Meet Captain Eddie, Starship Captain U.S.S. Reliant. He’s a very hard captain to kill.

Attack Wing Eddie1


The battle for Borg technology in full swing.

Eddie made it away with all the information, for a Federation victory.

Attack Wing Eddie2

Eddie will appear in future posts.

Mini: Wizkids


Arkham Horror

I think Arkham Horror is my favourite board game of all time. Bold statement, but I think if I was left on a desert island with only Arkham Horror, I’d have enough material  to keep me busy for  awhile.

Below are a few snaps of a game from a few weeks ago. We played with: Arkham Horror, Dunwitch Horror, Lurker at the Threshold & Miskatonik Horror.

Set up, and waiting for players


Eldritch horror of the evening; nyarlathotep.

We have organized crime on our side!


Dice! Cursed & Blessed.


The first player token.


The first gate opens and the monsters pour out.



More gates!



Monterey Jack runs block for  Patrice Hathaway.


We cheer as the first encounter that actually goes in our favour.


Minh Thi Phan works on closing another gate!


My investigator for the game is; Patrice Hathaway.


Minh Thi Phan seals a gate.


Being blessed helps to close gates and kill monsters.


After a rough start of lots of monsters on the board and some narrow escapes from the Dunwitch Horror, we won.

Because of our heroes, humanity gets to survive another day.

Mini: Fantasy Flight. Dice: Q-Workshop. Gates & Plastic Tokens: Litko

Vampire Counts VS Daemons

My Vampire Counts VS John’s Daemon force. 2500pt battle.




Turn One



Turn Two

2END Turn2


Top of Turn Three

3Top Turn3


Bottom of Turn Three

4End Turn3


Top of Turn Four

5Top Turn4


Bottom of Turn Four

6End Turn 4


I got clobbered in this game. But had great fun!

Two fantastically painted armies battling it out always equals a good time. And a few beers consumed too.

Thanks for the game John!


Saga Battle Report

A few weeks ago I headed down to Seattle to see Bolt Thrower play. The show was FANTASTIC!

While in Seattle Carmin and I visited the Green Ronin studio and we challenged Chris Pramas to a game of SAGA. Following is a brief of what happened.

We played the Feast For Crows scenario 4pts each

Turn One

Turn Two: Chris moves his Vikings forward.

Turn TwoB

Turn Three:

Turn Three B

Turn Four: Battle lines start to form

Turn Four

Turn Five: Chris & Carmin have their first fight.

Turn Five

Turn Six: Shit hits the fan! Fights across the board. Carmin Kills “Fatso” my Anglo Dane Warlord. And my warriors pop “Lords of Battle” and I think “Shield Wall” , miraculously killing Carmin’s Fanatics. Chris and I also had a small battle.

Turn Six

Turn Seven: We were a few beers in and I forgot to take a photo. We were a bit pressed for time at this point. I believe the score was; me 13 pts Carmin 11pts and Chris 9pts.

Anglo Dane kill Pile

Chris’s Vikings! 4pts