Russian Sniper

After speed painting through my Bolt Action Russian force, I found the force did not have much character. So I decided to sub out some of the figs for more interesting ones. Below is a sexy sniper. Next I have a Commissar with retinue and a Captain.

IMG_3067 IMG_3068 IMG_3069

Mini- Reaper, Cronoscope


Russian Force (playable)


My Bolt Action force is ready to play games. Roughly 1,000 points.

Painted using; Army Painter spray (Italian Armour?) & dip (Strong Tone). Citadel paints for details.

It’s not the exact force I want. I have a few models I want to; add in / replace. sniper, Jr LT & commissar.

The figs are primed and ready to paint, just gotta do them.

I also wrote an army list using the base Russian list from the rule book, but I will change this to “Battle of Stalingrad” from the Soviet Union army book when I add the new figs.

In the meantime I’m waiting for my opponents to catch up with painting their armies…

Mini: Warlord & Plastic Soldier

A shot of Vodka a day.


A small selection of my Russians.

Over the last few months I’ve been painting Russians for Bolt Action awaiting the release of their force list. Well! This week the new book showed up in the shop.

Without knowing exactly what to paint I just put brush to model and begun painting with a goal of having a ton done before the Russian books arrival.  I have 60 figures fully painted from Warlord and Plastic Soldier company ready. On Tuesday I can’t wait to sit down and plan out what will actually end up in my force.

My force was speed painted using primer from Army Painter and strong tone dip from Army Painter.

I will make some future post on what I chose for my force and what more I may or may not have to paint up.

Mini: Warlord / Plastic Soldier