Conan – Zelata / N’Gora

Zelata and N’Gora are the last two characters I need to play; Conan The Legend of the Devil in Iron, campaign book.

Amra the Lion and Savage Belit I finished awhile ago (the other two characters needed).

The campaign is a tree of scenarios, depending on what happens players get to pick what gets played next, making paint planning a bit difficult. So far, I think I have four more figures to paint and then I’ll be ready to play.

N’Gora – Sub-chief to Belit’s guard / Zelata the witch



Conan – Bossonian Guards / Captain / Amra the Lion

I’ve made a ton of progress painting Conan figures as of late. I nearly have all the figs from the base game complete and have started into the figures I need to play the campaign.

Enough Bossonian Guards for every scenario!


Amra the Lion

“Long have I wished to meet you, Amra,” the black gave Conan the

name—Amra, the Lion—by which the Cimmerian had been known to the

Kushites in his piratical days.



Progress Report: Death Guard Session 3

Feels like I’m slowing down at this point and did not complete much in my last session. Next paint session I’ll paint bone bits.


DCIM100GOPROGOPR1728.I also got distracted painting figures for the Conan board game. When I finish this batch I’ll have minion figures painted for every scenario from the campaign book and basic game!