My first airbrushed figures!

I recently started painting with an air brush. I bought the air brush with the following two figures in mind, excited to try, I plugged it in and started painting. Not my best work, but I’m happy with the result as I’ve never used an air brush before.

The Burning Chariot is the second to last figure I needed to complete my 2000pt Tzeentch force.


Thaug appears in the Conan board game campaign I’ve been playing through. It was a ton of fun to play, and a fantastic model to paint.



Conan – Monsters & Villains

The Conan campaign continues! I needed a bunch of monsters for the different scenarios. If the monsters survive, they get to progress to other scenarios. Not sure which ones will make it as I’m yet to win a game as Overlord.

Skuthus can summon a Dark Demon!

Kerim Sham

Giant Scorpion

Giant Scorpion


Bone Golem

Hyperborean Primitive

Hyperborean Primitive

Gray Man-Ape


My next Conan campaign game night is coming up, I guess we’ll see which of these villains survives.

Conan- Gitara / Spider / Yogah

Finished up the last few figures I need to start the Conan campaign.

Gitara is a past bittered fling of Conan, now turned villain.


Giant spider. This figure is not that giant. I think I will replace it with something bigger at some point.


Not used in the campaign, but just fun to paint. Yogah of Yag.



Conan – Zelata / N’Gora

Zelata and N’Gora are the last two characters I need to play; Conan The Legend of the Devil in Iron, campaign book.

Amra the Lion and Savage Belit I finished awhile ago (the other two characters needed).

The campaign is a tree of scenarios, depending on what happens players get to pick what gets played next, making paint planning a bit difficult. So far, I think I have four more figures to paint and then I’ll be ready to play.

N’Gora – Sub-chief to Belit’s guard / Zelata the witch


Conan – Bossonian Guards / Captain / Amra the Lion

I’ve made a ton of progress painting Conan figures as of late. I nearly have all the figs from the base game complete and have started into the figures I need to play the campaign.

Enough Bossonian Guards for every scenario!


Amra the Lion

“Long have I wished to meet you, Amra,” the black gave Conan the

name—Amra, the Lion—by which the Cimmerian had been known to the

Kushites in his piratical days.