Now and again I like to grab a random mini and just paint it. I generally go for a figure I could use in a D&D game.  This stone lurker (Roper) sculpted by Bob Olley has been a favorite of mine and fits the style of D&D games I like. Weird.



D&D Wizard

I’m playing a Wizard in an up-coming D&D  Curse of Strahd campaign. This figure is from the Dark Sword range. I really like this range cause the figures are based off of art from original D&D artists.


Dark Sword mini


Elmore art

Chaos D&D Adventurer

I painted this guy up for two reasons. To play in J’s D&D campaign and an opportunity to paint a classic figure. As I painted this figure I found myself plotting and planning out an old school chaos warband…


My first session & first encounter, Wrack (my character) was struck down by a Owlbear. He was quickly revived and stood up to club the Owlbear to death with his mighty warhammer. Wrack then found a flaming long sword +1. This lead to a huge dilemma; do I pass on the weapon, do I paint up a new figure, or convert my classic fig to have a flaming sword? I chose none of the above. I called up my buddy Andrew and had him apply his amazing photo-shop skills. Below is his amazing results.

wrack blight flaming sword

Model: Citadel (maybe Marauder) OOP


Ready For Adventure

A few more adventurers painted up from my favorite line of minis; Otherword Miniatures.

Otherworld has fantastic sets of figs that come with a figure case with slotted foam. The miniatures also come with sculpted bases and bits of velvet to place under their base. These figs are from the “Male humanoid” set.


In a future post I’ll explain why these figs are a bit shiny.

Mini: Otherworld