AD&D with the best!

Last week I played D&D, it was advanced, and I won!

I was lucky to play with one of the greatest DMs of all time; Allen Hammack, and play his tournament module: C2 The Ghost Tower of Inverness. It was super fun to bust out my old Players Handbook I bought when I was in elementary and play this classic adventure.


I played a thief. I went for the treasure, while the rest dealt with the Umber Hulk.


The Monk died trying to take on a Fire Giant! I escaped with an invisibility potion.


I made it to the end rescuing the Soul Gem.

This was one of many fun games I played at North Texas RPG Con. I also played; Dungeon Crawl Classic, The One Ring & Top Secret. A spectacular weekend.



C2 Ghost Tower of Inverness

At the moment of this posting I’m sitting down to play AD&D: C2 The Ghost Tower of Inverness, with the Author, Allen Hammack. C2 is one of my favorite AD&D modules of all time!

C2 Ghost Tower Cover

Here is the convention write-up.

Allen Hammack, author of the classic adventure Ghost Tower of Inverness, invites players to challenge this famous dungeon. A shadow from the past, the Ghost Tower has loomed ever larger in the mind of the great Seer of Urnst. Now he has convinced the Duke that an expedition of “volunteers” should be organized to try to find the ancient keep and recover its greatest treasure—the fabled Soul Gem. This module was originally used for the AD&D tournament at Wintercon VIII in November 1979. Bring your own miniatures for brownie points!

“Bring your own miniatures for brownie points!” You bet I did!!!!

Meet the band. The original pre-gens from the module.

As addressed by the Duke.

His gaze falls upon one of your party, a thin man with a short black beard. “Hodar,” he begins, “you dared to defy a royal order and continued to dabble in sorceries which I had forbidden to all the people of my realm.”

This figure came from my Conan board game collection.


“I should have thought that a warrior of your caliber, Lembu, would have known better than to slay a captain of the guard in a bar room fight.” A broad grin is the huge warrior’s only reply. “Never mind the eleven guardsmen you killed while resisting arrest.”

Maybe not the best figure for Lembu, but I wanted to use this figure ever since I painted it up to adventure in the Citadel of Chaos.



“Zinethar,” says the Duke, shaking his head as he addresses the next in line, a distinguished-looking man with gray hair, “your wisdom must have left you when you decided to lead that ill-fated Temple Coalition revolt these three months past.”

I painted this Reaper figure 13 years ago for a D&D game.


“And you, Discinque, your rash daring and bravado is really to be marvelled at. One has to wonder where you would be now if not for that broken cornice which caused you to fall — with the Crown Jewels in hand — on top of sergeant Norlik and his men while they were out on patrol.” The thief merely shrugs.

This game was a perfect reason to paint a new Otherworld miniature for my collection. I think this model is a perfect Discinque figure.


The Duke then turns and slowly bows to the last of your group; the tall barefoot woman. “Of all you five,” declares the Duke, “Li Hon is the only one here who should not spend the rest of her life in prison for some crime. I am deeply honored, Li Hon, that your monastery saw fit to offer your services to me as payment of this year’s taxes.”

My fist Wiz Kid model from their pre-painted line. I’m not super happy with the result as I struggled with its pre-primed primer and mold lines.


The Band assembled for adventure!


Here is hoping I make to the end and rescue the Soul Gem.


Now and again I like to grab a random mini and just paint it. I generally go for a figure I could use in a D&D game.  This stone lurker (Roper) sculpted by Bob Olley has been a favorite of mine and fits the style of D&D games I like. Weird.


D&D Wizard

I’m playing a Wizard in an up-coming D&D  Curse of Strahd campaign. This figure is from the Dark Sword range. I really like this range cause the figures are based off of art from original D&D artists.


Dark Sword mini


Elmore art

Chaos D&D Adventurer

I painted this guy up for two reasons. To play in J’s D&D campaign and an opportunity to paint a classic figure. As I painted this figure I found myself plotting and planning out an old school chaos warband…


My first session & first encounter, Wrack (my character) was struck down by a Owlbear. He was quickly revived and stood up to club the Owlbear to death with his mighty warhammer. Wrack then found a flaming long sword +1. This lead to a huge dilemma; do I pass on the weapon, do I paint up a new figure, or convert my classic fig to have a flaming sword? I chose none of the above. I called up my buddy Andrew and had him apply his amazing photo-shop skills. Below is his amazing results.

wrack blight flaming sword

Model: Citadel (maybe Marauder) OOP


Ready For Adventure

A few more adventurers painted up from my favorite line of minis; Otherword Miniatures.

Otherworld has fantastic sets of figs that come with a figure case with slotted foam. The miniatures also come with sculpted bases and bits of velvet to place under their base. These figs are from the “Male humanoid” set.


In a future post I’ll explain why these figs are a bit shiny.

Mini: Otherworld