How to make a ganger sandwich.


–        One Fatty

–        One jersey barrier

–        One ganger



The bloodstain on this jersey barrier is the result of Ghaal gut charging one of Gopaul’s gangers to death!.

Thanks Jeremy for allowing me to doctor up your jersey barrier!

Mini: Secret Weapon. Decal: Microscale. Blood stain: Citadel- Blood for the Blood God.


Fatties Unleashed part 5

Meet Gaahl. He is sponsored by 7-11.


And finally the complete starting line up (500 credits)



The campaign I’m in, will be re-starting in a few weeks. I already have some miniatures painted to add to the gang.

I’d like to paint up another fatty. I think I need a lady. Any suggestions for what figure to use?

Fatties Unleashed part 3

Eating and Protesting

Fatties like to eat and protest. They have rights too, though in Mega City One these rights are few…

I got a bit frustrated painting this model. His belly was a sea of casting lines and I did not realize his left arm was a right arm until I started painting. After I took this photo, I did do a few touch-ups, but only to make him look like Fingal’s Pies sponsored him. (A Pie manufacturer in The Emerald City)


Continuing with my infamous metal music theme I named him Dr Heathen Scum. The placard came from a comic strip; there are a lot of slogans to choose from. I hope to do more placards in the future.


Next up, another fats fan.

Mini: Mongoose.

Fatties Unleashed part 2

Fatties need fans. And hot chicks like’em big.

Meet “Dead” a true fat fan! All my Fats Fans take on the stage names of infamous Black Metal band members.


More introductions and gang name to come…

Mini: Hasslefree Miniatures.

Fatties Unleashed part 1

Over the next few days I’ll preview my new Judge Dredd warband. Like my buddy Jay, I plan to make most of my Sci-Fi gaming this year Judge Dredd. Check Jay’s post HERE. Too bad Jay lives across the country…


I call this guy Varg Vikernes. He’s sponsored by McDonalds. But more about this later

Mini: Mongoose