These beastmen completes my path to glory warband.

I bought these figs in the early 90s and have played with them hundreds of times. They are back in action with a new paint job & shields.


My shaman has seen the most action in Warhammer Quest Silver Tower games.


Another addition to my Warband, and a useful addition to my chaos dwarf force.

I experimented with the citadel gem paints on the eyes.

Putrid Blight Kings

I love these miniatures! And they have several uses for me, so will see tons of action.

-Warhammer Quest Hammerhal

-Path to Glory Warband. (I already rolled them up in my starting warband)

-I can add them into any of my Chaos AoS forces.

-I’ve also used one as a character in Warhammer Quest.

The Warhammer TV painting video was fun & easy to follow too.


Path to Glory

I seem to have started a bunch of hobby projects over the last 6 months. Some I’ve not even touched in any of my hobby up-dates. Well, here is another started project, a warband for path to glory.

The fun bit for me and path to glory is giving the warband a name. So, far I’ve not come up with anything, but my leader will be called Grorrotts Ragegaze. The first of Grorrotts fanatical followers are the Beastbelchers. May Grorrotts reign of chaos begin!