A new year! This year I’m off to a great start on my painting projects. I have several armies that are very close to being done! So, no army is truly done, but I’m at the point with my 40k Death Guard, AoS Tzeentch, AoS Chaos Dwarfs and Conan board game where I feel I can move onto other projects.

I hope to continue with Path to Glory this year. After my last battle and defeat the great lord of change sent a Fatemaster to watch over Magnar the Clawed’s back. (I think Magnar will have to watch his own back…)

The Fatemaster!


Path to Glory Campaign Game Three

Chaos – Horstmann’s Heroes VS. Order-Tharndor’s Expeditionary Force

Battleplan: The Vendetta

Grundstok Thunderers & Tharndor the Profiteer return to the field of battle seeking vengeance.


Leading from the front Tharndor the Profiteer charges Magnar the Clawed’s flank.


After easily wiping out Magnar the Clawed and everything on the Kharadron left flank, Tharndor the Profiteer leads his band to destroy his rival blue horrors.


Grundstok Thunderers are victorious, clearing the battlefield of Tzeentch’s minions!

The lord of change taking notice of Magnar the Clawed’s defeat sends a Fatemaster to join Horstmann’s Heroes.

Horstmann’s Heroes Glory total: 8pts.

Path to Glory Campaign Game Two

Chaos – Horstmann’s Heroes VS. Order-Tharndor’s Expeditionary Force

Battleplan: The Sacrifice

Magnar the Clawed and Tzaangors prepare the sacrifice to almighty Tzeentch!


The Skywardens attempt a quick rescue, dealing much damage, but fail.


Tharndor the Profiteer attempts the rescue himself…


… but is defeated by an overwelming number of brimstone horrors.


The sacrifice was sucsessful, awarding Horstmen’s Heroes glory in the name of Tzeentch.

Glory Total:7pts. Tzaangors gained Devotees of the Dark Rite ability.

Next post; the vendetta of Tharndor the Profiteer.

Path to Glory Campaign Game One

I had my first game of Path to Glory!

Chaos – Horstmann’s Heroes VS. Order-Tharndor’s Expeditionary Force

Battleplan: Altars of the Gods

Starting deployment.


20 Blue Horrors are a lot to deal with. I was able to overrun the right flank with them.


Grundstok Thunderers & Tharndor the Profiteer (Arkanaut Admiral) hold down the center


Magnar the Clawed and Tzaangors were a bit slow getting to the fight, but they did keep the objectives on my side secure.


Tzaangor Enlightened rushed up my left flank to contest the Altar of Change. Tharndor the Profiteer died challenging them. The Elightened later overran and slew the Grundstok Thunderers.


Horstmann’s Heroes came out victorious vs the punny Kharadon pirates, winning four glory. So fearsome is Magnar that a pack of Brimstone Horrors are now in cahoots with him.

Horstmann’s Heroes

Path to Glory warbands are all about the narrative that build with the warband as you play games. Win or loose your warband should have a good story to tell by the time you gain ten Glory Points.

I believe this narrative starts with a name for your warband and leader. Many sources can inspire you to make your choice. I took this as an opportunity to flip though some older books in my collection for some ideas.

I choose Horstmann’s Heroes for my warband’s name. Engrimm Horstmann’s story I found in Liber Chaotica Tzeentch. He was once an patriarch of College of Light till he fell in with Tzeentch. The “Heroes” was a play on Hogans Heroes.

Horstmanns Heroes

Horstmanns Heroes



For my leader, I found a short side-bar story in Realm of Chaos; The Lost and the Damned, about a Tzeentch champion named Magnar the Clawed. I liked the name, so took it.


The other troops I’ll give names to as I play games and they earn their glory!

Tzaangor Enlightened / Skyfires

My Path to Glory warband is now complete! I randomly rolled Tzaangor Enlightened. I would have rather had the Skyfire variant, I think they are better in Age of Sigmar. So, I decided to magnetize the bits so I could switch the parts for each of the units. I also magnetized them to the discs for easier transport.

Magnetizing these figs took a bit of planning.

Tzaangor Enlightened


Tzaangor Skyfires


Next post will be a introduction to my warband, followed by a short battle-report.