More Colonial British and a fantastic vacation

For a few years I’ve been working on the figures to war game the British Colonial period, mostly based around the Rorke’s Drift engagement. I finally finished the last few figures I need to start gaming.



L to R: The dandy English gentleman Lt Bromhead, the stoic but reluctant Lt Chard, the sullen but doughty Private Hook, and the unflappable bayonet fighting Colour Sgt Bourne. (movie depictions)




Last year I had an amazing holiday in England. One of my trip highlights was visiting Brecon in Wales. I toured both the Royal Welsh museum and Brecon Cathedral. The visit was greatly enhanced by a personal guided tour with Rodney Ashwood a former member of The Royal Welsh and author of; For Queen and Country – The Zulu War Diary of Lieutenant Wilfred Heaton, 24th Regiment of Foot, 1879.

Much more models than I’ve painted!!! A diorama display at the Royal Welsh Museum.


I’m holding a Martini-Henry rifle from the Zulu War period. Soldiers would practice holding the rifle like this to get use to the weight. I was not smiling anymore after a minute. Its heavy!


The awe-inspiring regimental colours lost on January 2nd 1879 then recovered a few days later from the Buffalo River.  Displayed in Brecon Cathedral.


The famous Victoria Crosses won at Rorke’s Drift


Rodney Ashwood gave me a spectacular insight-full tour of both the Royal Welsh regimental museum and the Brecon Cathedral.


And, of course I got a signed copy of Rodney’s book.


A fantastic tour and vacation.


More Brits

I deviated from my regular painting to finish this guy up. He was primed with skull white spray, then Army Painter Pure Red. After that I base coated the flesh, pants, helmet etc etc. Then I dipped him in Army Painter Strong Tone. Once dry, I touched him up…. and done!

Eventually I’ll war game the Rorke’s Drift battle!


Mini: Black Scorpion