Saga C&C: More Saracen

I’ve now painted a fair bit of Saracens for Crescent and the Cross.

Warriors (Gripping Beast plastic)


Hearthguard (Gripping Beast plastic)


I originally painted these Lord of the Ring figs to be my Hearthguard in my Mutatawwi’a force but I’ll now use them as warriors in the Saracen force.



Later in the year I hope to post some pics of these guys on my desert table.


Saga C&C: Saracen, Warlord & Infantry

I’ve switched my Mutatawi’a force to a Saracen force. I’ve not given up on the Mutatawi’s, I do plan to come back, but in the meantime I’ve found the Saracen list easier to play.

I’ve attempted a fantasy feel with the force. This has allowed me to include some interesting miniatures from the Lord of The Rings range and Helldorado.

Saracen Warlord (from Lord of the Rings)

Archers & Spearmen (plastic figs from Gripping Beast.)



more Saracens to come.

Saracen Priest

One of two Saracen priests I’ve painted up for Saga: Crescent & Cross. These two have seen a few battles now. So far I use the Religious Adviser build the most.

I’ve not posted much in the past few months cause I actually loath setting up my camera gear, I’d rather spend my time painting figs. To make the photo process a bit easier I bought a cheap macro lens. Today the lens arrived. I pulled it out of the box slapped it on my camera and shot this photo. I think its pretty good. A bit more light I think… I hope my new purchase will motivate me to shoot more photos and therefore post more.


Saracen Priest


Mini: Helldorado

Mutatawi’a 1/6

My first unit for my Saga Crescent & Cross Mutatawi’a force. I plan to paint up a six point force. These Camel Riders are the first point.

On the table they look OK, but up close I struggled with the decals from Little Big Man studio. I really wanted to use them and applied them to the wrong type of shields, then tried to make them match. Didn’t work as well as I thought it would…

The conversion was fun. I used camel figs from the GW LOTR Haradrim range. The bodies are from the plastic Arab Spear man / Archers box.


Mini: LOTR GW / Gripping Beast

prime session / winter projects

Summer this year left little time for painting. With the turn of the weather I assembled all the projects I want to finish this winter and had an epic priming session. The last four weeks was spent assembling…. I hate assembly. Now its done and I’m ready to dive into painting again.


-I vowed to Carmin I would get 1500pts of WW1 if he got into it. If he starts painting, I’ll start painting.

-My wife bought me a basilisk last year for Christmas. I’d really like to finish it before this Christmas…

-I’m thinking about making one of the D-con games this year Dreadfleet. So gotta start somewhere.

-Foul Fowl. Nuff said!

-New Saga army for Crescent & Cross. This is the project I’m most eager for,

-Rumor is Skaven for late January 2015. So I figured I’d keep slugging away at this enormous army.

Lets see what gets done! Stay tuned.

SAGA Terrain

My SAGA table is complete. Below are a few highlight terrain features from Architects of War. The buildings are real sweet cause you can pop the roofs off and stick figures inside. They are made out of resin or some kind of ceramic material making them a bit fragile. One of my long houses split in half when shipped to me. It was a clean break and I was able to glue it back together. (You can’t even tell!) I’ll post some pictures of the table in the future. I also have a ruined monastery I’m working on. I plan to paint it as if it just got freshly sacked.  Any suggestions of dead monk or nun models?

IMG_3073 IMG_3074 IMG_3075

Mini: Architects of War




Ready to become the Lords of Battle!

These four Huscarls bring my Anglo Dane force to seven points.

I used Little Big Man transfers for their shields. Awesome transfers, but, they are not “transfers”. They are part sticker, part decal.

I’d recommend reading the instructions on their site here for instructions how to put them on. Having done many decals in the past I figured I knew what I was doing, LOL!

LBM banners are also very nice!

The figures are a mix of Gripping Beast’s Saxon & Viking plastic boxes.

Mini: Gripping Beast / Decals: Little Big Man