Silver Tower: Skaven Deathrunner & Fyreslayer Doomseeker

I’ve now played a game of Silver Tower. Super fun! Can’t wait to play more in 2017! Game photos and the rest of my set pictures soon to come.



Another unit for my Skaven horde! 

This army is progressing very slow. But I’m determined not to rush it too much.

After painting tons of clan rats I figured it was time I added a unit with a bit more hitting power; Stormvermin. All my units I’ve themed to one of the main Skaven clans. So I wanted a rusted decay look of clan Pestilens.  I also wanted to see how well my two new favorite citadel colours would work on a unit (Typhus Corrosion & Ryza Rust). Below is a brief step by step.

First I clean, assemble & glue sand to the base. Then primer. In this picture I’ve added my first silver colour. I always try to use the largest brush I can when line painting.


Here I’m applying the Typhus Corrosion over all the metal areas. It got a bit sloppier the expected.


Then I dry brushed on Ryza Rust.


Next a dry brush of sliver. After the drybrush I applied a thin Agrax wash, to dull down the silver.


A crappy picture, but, next I paint the base and start adding details. Working from large details to the small details.


I two layer dry brush of green to get the Pestilance look.


I’m not 100% happy with how the Typhus Corrosion went on. It gives bits of the fur a sandy texture. I was just a bit too zealous with its application.

My Skaven force is one Grey Seer away from being a playable force. Not the best composition for a competitive game, but table legal!

Mini: Citadel (oop)

prime session / winter projects

Summer this year left little time for painting. With the turn of the weather I assembled all the projects I want to finish this winter and had an epic priming session. The last four weeks was spent assembling…. I hate assembly. Now its done and I’m ready to dive into painting again.


-I vowed to Carmin I would get 1500pts of WW1 if he got into it. If he starts painting, I’ll start painting.

-My wife bought me a basilisk last year for Christmas. I’d really like to finish it before this Christmas…

-I’m thinking about making one of the D-con games this year Dreadfleet. So gotta start somewhere.

-Foul Fowl. Nuff said!

-New Saga army for Crescent & Cross. This is the project I’m most eager for,

-Rumor is Skaven for late January 2015. So I figured I’d keep slugging away at this enormous army.

Lets see what gets done! Stay tuned.

Battle Tested

I finally finished my 300pt Triumph & Treachery force for Warhammer. These sneaky little bastards will also make a great addition to my Skaven army I’m working on.

I also got a chance to field them in a T&T game. The Doomwheel did all the work as my slack jawed deadites lazily stood there.

Previous Skaven post HERE





Mini: GW. OOP Doomwheel. Bases: Micro Art Studio.

Saved by Instant Mold

I have a huge backlog of Skaven miniatures I’m slowly getting to. But I’m finding as I open some of these packs I bought 7 to 8 years ago I’m missing pieces. I first encountered this with my Doomwheel, missing its front lightning cannon. So, I dug to the bottom of my bit box and fixed it. I made a post about that HERE.


Next, I had two Jezzails missing their shields. I had nothing suitable in my bits box so I had to get more inventive. So I gave Instant Mold a shot. Instant Mold worked perfect.

First you take the mold bars and throw them in boiling water. The heat makes the mold bars a bit gooey. Push/form the goo around the shield, creating a press mold of it. Make sure you use enough to completely surround the item being molded. Sprinkle a bit of cold water onto the goo, this will firm it up. Then slowly peel the shield out. The process takes just a few minutes.

Mold One


Next, fill the mold with Green Stuff. I made sure I filled the mold as evenly as possible, and smoothed out the back. The back of the mold will be facing the miniature and when on the game table hopefully will not be noticeable.

Mold Two


I give Green Stuff 24 hours to dry. Once dry, peal out of the mold and trim the edges with a knife. BAM DONE!



The edges are not as sharp as a metal model, but it saved two valuable figs for me.

Mini: Citadel. Base: Micro Art Studio.


Triumph & Treachery: Skaven Mercenaries

I’ve been working on a Skaven army for some time now. I have no real goal to finish the army anytime soon as I have many other painted Warhammer armies to play games with. But, when inspiration  strikes me I add a bit more to my Skaven. Triumph & Treachery’s mercenary rules was the next bit of motivation to add a few more points to the growing Skaven horde. I’m adding them to my Vampire Count force which is lacking shooting. So, with 300 points to spend, I took; 5 Jezzails, 1 Doomwheel, & an Engineer with a Doomrocket.

300pts ready for primer.


My Doomwheel was missing its front lightning cannon bit. So, I dug into my bits box and pulled out this Necron cannon. I think it’s perfect. Two of my Jezzails were also missing their shields, I’ll have a later post about how I fixed that.


My 15 point Engineer with a 30 point magic item (Doomrocket) LOL! I dug the rocket out of the bottom of my bits box, not sure what it’s originally from. The Engineer is a warpfire thrower fig from the 8th ed starter set.


Mini: GW. OOP Doomwheel. Bases Micro Art Studio.

Skaven army (long project)

Over the last two or so years I’ve been painting a Skaven army. I have a few Warhammer armies to draw from so have not pushed this project to completion. I’ve only done one speed painting challenge to get fifty Clanrats done, but other then that, I’m taking my time and making the army look as best as I can.

Here is one hundred of the hundred and fifty Clanrats I have finished (three units of fifty)


To lead my force I’m lucky to have the 2011 Games Day Skaven Warlod. Thanks to Thor at GW for getting me this fig!


Mini – Clanrats: GW / Warlord: GW limited edition (OOP)