Advent 1- Bilbo Baggins

For many years during December we were lucky enough to get the release of Lord of the Rings / Hobbit movies. Especially during the release of the Lord of the Rings movies, I was addicted to painting these models. I painted tons of these figures! Last year I bought all the Hobbit movies on DVD and got back to painting miniatures from the Hobbit. The project quickly fizzled out due to no immediate plan to wargame with these miniatures. So, my first theme I choose for my advent posts is models from the Hobbit. My first figure, Bilbo Baggins of course!

Before his adventures, Bilbo was considered a very prim and respectable Hobbit for his polite disposition and aversion to anything out of the ordinary. He had strict culinary and hygienic principles, being often less than thrilled with the rough conditions of travel at first. But, being the son of Bungo Baggins and Belladonna Took, Bilbo had blood from two important Hobbit families, the Bagginses and the Tooks. Because of his adventurous “Tookish side” (which was sometimes conflicting with his stay-at-home “Baggins side”), Baggins was rather restless and “strange” for a Hobbit. After his return from Erebor, he was regarded much less fondly than before by his fellow Hobbits, but paid them no mind. Though considering himself happily retired from adventures, he often left his home for many days to meet with old friends and strangers, including Dwarves.