Skeleton Sizes

In the comments of my last post, Jay asked “How do the skeles scale with GW skeles?”

I figured I’d photograph three manufacturers so everyone could see for themselves.

Left to right, by twos.

Monolith (Conan) / Games Workshop / Mantic



Battle Tested

I finally finished my 300pt Triumph & Treachery force for Warhammer. These sneaky little bastards will also make a great addition to my Skaven army I’m working on.

I also got a chance to field them in a T&T game. The Doomwheel did all the work as my slack jawed deadites lazily stood there.

Previous Skaven post HERE





Mini: GW. OOP Doomwheel. Bases: Micro Art Studio.

Vampire Counts VS Daemons

My Vampire Counts VS John’s Daemon force. 2500pt battle.




Turn One



Turn Two

2END Turn2


Top of Turn Three

3Top Turn3


Bottom of Turn Three

4End Turn3


Top of Turn Four

5Top Turn4


Bottom of Turn Four

6End Turn 4


I got clobbered in this game. But had great fun!

Two fantastically painted armies battling it out always equals a good time. And a few beers consumed too.

Thanks for the game John!


more Ghouls

Over the last year I’ve been adding to my Vampire Count force. Large units play better in 8th ed Warhammer, so my main job has been to increase all unit sizes. For the most part I’ve used Mantic games models to add to my Citadel models. I like lots of variety of figs in my armies, using figs from different model ranges is a great way to get the variations I want.

Here are my Ghouls, giving me a unit of 30. Next project will be 20 undead revenants from Mantic. I’ll be adding these to my Grave Guard regiment.



Mini: Mantic Games

Mortis Engine

Well waiting for paint to dry, I decided to post a fig I painted last year. I’m very happy with it and think its one of my best paint jobs.

IMG_3015 IMG_3016

I painted the Mortis Engine following the paint article from White Dwarf #384

I’ve used it in a few games to great effect. The Mortis Engine explodes when it dies…. enough said.

Mini – Games Workshop / Base – Micro Art Studio