Screamers of Tzeentch / Kairic Acolytes

Painted up two more Kairic Acolytes. Shadows over Hammerhal & Age of Sigmar requires ten Acolytes figures for encounters/ unit size.


Screamers of Tzeentch are alternate encounters in Silver Tower, and, I can add them to a future Tzeentch force. I had to paint these figs twice as I tried a two-colour faded paint scheme that failed. This is this re-paint.




These beastmen completes my path to glory warband.

I bought these figs in the early 90s and have played with them hundreds of times. They are back in action with a new paint job & shields.


My shaman has seen the most action in Warhammer Quest Silver Tower games.

Putrid Blight Kings

I love these miniatures! And they have several uses for me, so will see tons of action.

-Warhammer Quest Hammerhal

-Path to Glory Warband. (I already rolled them up in my starting warband)

-I can add them into any of my Chaos AoS forces.

-I’ve also used one as a character in Warhammer Quest.

The Warhammer TV painting video was fun & easy to follow too.


Gorechosen Heldrax Goretouched

Mr. Goretouched is the last of my Gorechosen figures to paint for now.

There are rules for three more figures in the box game I’m yet to complete.

-Atorg & Tark are models from the AoS starter set. I have to find were I stored them.

-Hagreth; I still have to buy.

I must have them all!

I also have plans to build a double sized arena so I can play larger gladiator fights.

Gorechosen Vexnar the Reaper

I submitted a Gorechosen figure for my Secret Santa painter this year. My model was randomly given to Stefan to paint. What a FANTASTIC paint job. He said this was his first attempt at blending. I think Stefan nailed it!

Gorechosen Fexgor the Flayer

Another Gorechosen figure painted! This time an alternate figure not from the base game.

I can also play Fexgor in Warhammer Quest Silver Tower. I’m trying to get a few more Gorechosen characters done so that when the next Warhammer Quest game comes out I’ll have a clean paint table to dive into it.