Starter Game Table

My Nephew has been playing 40k with his buddies. Figuring everyone who starts playing miniature games starts out with a shit table of terrain, I thought I try to start him off right.

Scenery is by Rob Metzner who sells very affordable terrain at the local cons.




The mat was green felt bought at the fabric store then sponge painted by my wife. I though the results were fantastic!



Undead Legionnaires and Razid

No posts for a month huh? Well… I’ve been painting and playing games. So no time to post my up-dates.

Here is the start to my new Dark Legion force from the Kick-starter. The undead legionnaires were a bit of a pain to put together. Six parts! Thanks to citadel liquid green stuff I got them together.

I’m slowly working on Golgotha & Alakhai. When these models are done. All my K-S models will be complete


Mini: Prodos. Bases Micro Art Studio

Warzone KS arrived

My Warzone KS arrived a week ago. I excitedly glued them together today. I still have lots of green stuffing to do on them. Citadel Liquid Green Stuff will come in handy for this.

The rule book looks fantastic, and the rules look fun after a quick look through them. I can’t wait to give them a go.

All the models I painted earlier last year in anticipation for the new rules all seem to be included. Check them out HERE.

2014-01-14 17.30.13

Close up


Mini: Prodos Games, bases; Micro Art Studios.


A new edition of Mutant Chronicles RPG is currently in development. Check it out here. So, I thought I’d paint up some figs for an adventure idea I have. I may run it for the old system or the new, or I might just talk about running it. Either way this was a fun unit to paint. Maybe they will turn into a new Warzone army…


Mini: Target Games – Cybertronic Chasseur (OOP)

Dark Legion force (OOP)

My project of completing a Warzone army using my old figs is complete. I’ve figured out my force’s point total using the first posting of the new Dark Legion army list. So far no Ezogoul, I hope when they finalize this list the Ezoghoul will be included.

From the poll I did; “What will you be playing in the new edition of Warzone” it looks like I only have two opponents. Carmin! and Jay! And Jay lives in Ontario….LOL!

Darl Legion Force

Mini – Target Games (OOP)

Alakhai the cunning

This is the last of my “old school” Warzone figs painted up before the new stuff comes out. I now have a completed force… until I get some of the new figs. I’ll follow up shortly with an army list using the new rules and a group photo of the retro Algeroth army.


Mini: First edition figure of Alakhai the cunning. Target Games OOP

Pretorian Behemoth

Not my best paint job! I found this figure very frustrating to paint and assemble. I dragged my feet on finishing it. It seems the last bit of my Warzone force is taking a bit of effort. I’d rather be painting the new figs.


Mini: Target Games (OOP)