Conan – Bossonian Guards / Captain / Amra the Lion

I’ve made a ton of progress painting Conan figures as of late. I nearly have all the figs from the base game complete and have started into the figures I need to play the campaign.

Enough Bossonian Guards for every scenario!


Amra the Lion

“Long have I wished to meet you, Amra,” the black gave Conan the

name—Amra, the Lion—by which the Cimmerian had been known to the

Kushites in his piratical days.




Path to Glory Tzeentch 

Another new project! Rolled up a PtG Tzeentch warband with a few friends. I picked Tzeentch to keep the painting momentum from my Silver Tower set. For my warband I rolled up: 1 Gaunt Summoner with Familiars, 5 Tzaangors, 20 Blue Horrors and 3 Enlightened. The Enlightened are built and primed so will appear in a later post. But in the meantime, I’ve finished my Blue Horrors.

Blue Horrors

While assembling the Blue Horrors and Tzaangor Enlightened I also assembled 20 Pink Horrors, 20 Brimstone Horrors, Herald of Tzeentch and a Burning Chariot. At some point I’ll get to them!

Dreadquake Mortar

The Dreadquake Mortar replaces my Hellcannon. Now my 1000pt all have the Legions of Azgorh keyword. I like the thematic rules “Make free with the lash” to get an extra shot in a round.

The ogre miniature is from Ristul’s Extraordinary Market, and the crew are from Darkling Games. I converted one of the crew to carry a whip.


Progress Report: Death Guard Session 5

The Death Guard are ready for battle.

I had to cut a few corners to get them done for Saturday’s 40k release in the shop, but with Nurgle figs I think you can be a bit sloppy and still make them look good. I loosely followed the painting guide that came in the core box. I could have easily spent more time on these figs, I’ll come back to them at some point to pick out a few more details.