More Chaos Dwarfs / Dwergs

I ordered these figs awhile ago from Darkling games, I now have a few painted up. I will post them again with other projects but in the meantime, with the few I have painted, I wanted to show why I liked them so much.

-Every fig from the seventeen-figure pack is unique.

-Bold detail making painting easy.

-METAL models!

-Old school Chaos Dwarf feel.

-The pack also filled many holes in my force I need models for


As I inserted the above photo, I realized its a bit blurry, so I thought I’d include my next post too.

I played a bunch of Age of Sigmar games without command. Now I have enough command figures for both my units.


This is my new wizard. I bought the Dwerg pack from Darkling games for many good reason, BUT, I think this figure is one of the main reasons.

Next post I’ll show better photos of the mutants and what I’ve planned for them!


These beastmen completes my path to glory warband.

I bought these figs in the early 90s and have played with them hundreds of times. They are back in action with a new paint job & shields.


My shaman has seen the most action in Warhammer Quest Silver Tower games.


Another addition to my Warband, and a useful addition to my chaos dwarf force.

I experimented with the citadel gem paints on the eyes.

Iron Daemon War Engine

Building 1000pt lists for Age of Sigmar meant some tough sacrifices. I’ve commonly fielded the Skullcraker War Engine, to great success, but after writing up a few lists the 240pts was just a bit too much. So, I decided to fill the roll with the Iron Daemon War Engine. At 200pts it performs roughly the same role. First game out, it did pretty good.

I think it visual looks good in my Chaos Dwarf force too.


Shadow War Armageddon

Keeping consistent with my latest trend of starting new project after new project. Here is my started Kill Team for Shadow War Armageddon.

They are a Genestealer Cult force called Sons of Jormungandr. I used the paint how-to from the How To Paint Genestealer Cult book. The book was twelve bucks. So far, I’ve gotten a lot of use out of it.

I think my force looks like the old House Delaque figs from Necromunda, but that will soon change when I add my hired hand(s) of a Purestrain Genestealer. (Currently on my paint table).

And, another project that I will be able to use in many games; Shadow War Armageddon / Deathwatch Overkill / Warhammer 40,000.