Advent 4- Sturm Brightblade

Larry Elmore was a huge reason why I like the Dragonlance series. His art brought that series and much of the D&D universe to life for me. The advent project was a ton of fun for me because I spent a ton of time staring at his art trying to pick the right models.

I met Larry in 2016 at Gary Con. He was easy to talk to, and I found him very inspiring. Fantastic to meet someone you look up to and them turn out nice! I bought his art book and a poster. (I may do a future blog post about the poster when I finally frame it…)


Sturm Brightblade is a very stern looking man. At only 29 years old, his constant serious demeanor easily makes him look at least five years older than that. Sturm has long brown hair, and brown eyes, and in the style of the Solamnic Knights, he has a long flowing moustache. Sturm also wears the armor of a Knight of Solamnia. It’s a very ancient design. It belonged to Sturm’s father and bears the symbol of his order, the Knights of the Rose.


Advent 3- Ori

I found a great painting blog with how-to paint all the miniatures from the Hobbit box game. I really enjoyed these tutorials as they had a different style from my own. Check them out HERE.

Ori was one of the thirteen Dwarves of Thorin’s company who journeyed to Erebor to challenge the dragon Smaug. After the death of Smaug, Ori lived at the Lonely Mountain until he went to Moria as part of Balin’s ill-fated attempt to re-take the ancient mansions of the Dwarves.

Advent 2- Caramon Majere

Hands down Dragonlance is my favorite Dungeons & Dragons setting of all time! This summer I was looking through my RPG collection and started re-reading modules and source material, this led to watching the animated movie, listing to audio-books and even cooking Otik’s spiced potatoes for dinner one night. I also started digging through my model collection and looking for my collection of Ral Partha Dragonlance miniatures. Not completely satisfied with these figures, I started obsessively hunting for alternate models to represent the heroes of the lance. Most of the models I found through Dark Sword.

I found this model in the Dark Sword range, I think it represents Caramon Majere well.

Caramon Majere is a giant of a man. He is 25 years old and stands 6’3″ tall. He weighs over 220 pounds, is enormously strong, and is basically a walking arsenal. Aside from his giant like physique, he has big, caring, bright blue eyes and long flowing brown hair. The women find Caramon extremely good looking, and his numerous battle scars only make him that much more attractive. More often than not, you will find Caramon with a look confusion on his face. This usually follows a stern reprimand from his twin brother, Raistlin, from whose side Caramon rarely strays for long.

Advent 1- Bilbo Baggins

For many years during December we were lucky enough to get the release of Lord of the Rings / Hobbit movies. Especially during the release of the Lord of the Rings movies, I was addicted to painting these models. I painted tons of these figures! Last year I bought all the Hobbit movies on DVD and got back to painting miniatures from the Hobbit. The project quickly fizzled out due to no immediate plan to wargame with these miniatures. So, my first theme I choose for my advent posts is models from the Hobbit. My first figure, Bilbo Baggins of course!

Before his adventures, Bilbo was considered a very prim and respectable Hobbit for his polite disposition and aversion to anything out of the ordinary. He had strict culinary and hygienic principles, being often less than thrilled with the rough conditions of travel at first. But, being the son of Bungo Baggins and Belladonna Took, Bilbo had blood from two important Hobbit families, the Bagginses and the Tooks. Because of his adventurous “Tookish side” (which was sometimes conflicting with his stay-at-home “Baggins side”), Baggins was rather restless and “strange” for a Hobbit. After his return from Erebor, he was regarded much less fondly than before by his fellow Hobbits, but paid them no mind. Though considering himself happily retired from adventures, he often left his home for many days to meet with old friends and strangers, including Dwarves.


Advent 0- Beer + Miniatures

For the last few years I’ve bought an advent box of beer from a local brewery. Its great! Everyday for 24 days a new beer. This got me thinking, and I came up with the idea of a daily blog post through December, an advent calendar of blog posts. I’ve had two projects this year that I have not had any gaming motivation to complete. Both projects are just miniatures I had wanted to paint. Making these two projects my advent posts through December was the motivation I needed to get these projects going. So! check back through December and each day I will post a new painted model. Odd days will be one theme and even days the other theme. I also talked my buddy Jay into doing the same thing, Jay came up with a great theme he has been toying around with for awhile. Check Jay’s advent post on his blog too. Worlds in Conflict.

See you December 1st!

Path to Glory Campaign Game Three

Chaos – Horstmann’s Heroes VS. Order-Tharndor’s Expeditionary Force

Battleplan: The Vendetta

Grundstok Thunderers & Tharndor the Profiteer return to the field of battle seeking vengeance.


Leading from the front Tharndor the Profiteer charges Magnar the Clawed’s flank.


After easily wiping out Magnar the Clawed and everything on the Kharadron left flank, Tharndor the Profiteer leads his band to destroy his rival blue horrors.


Grundstok Thunderers are victorious, clearing the battlefield of Tzeentch’s minions!

The lord of change taking notice of Magnar the Clawed’s defeat sends a Fatemaster to join Horstmann’s Heroes.

Horstmann’s Heroes Glory total: 8pts.

Path to Glory Campaign Game Two

Chaos – Horstmann’s Heroes VS. Order-Tharndor’s Expeditionary Force

Battleplan: The Sacrifice

Magnar the Clawed and Tzaangors prepare the sacrifice to almighty Tzeentch!


The Skywardens attempt a quick rescue, dealing much damage, but fail.


Tharndor the Profiteer attempts the rescue himself…


… but is defeated by an overwelming number of brimstone horrors.


The sacrifice was sucsessful, awarding Horstmen’s Heroes glory in the name of Tzeentch.

Glory Total:7pts. Tzaangors gained Devotees of the Dark Rite ability.

Next post; the vendetta of Tharndor the Profiteer.