Space Hulk

I played my nephew two games of Space Hulk with my newly fully-painted set. Over the years I’ve had other people painting my set. Some lost paint bets and had to paint me a model, others from the Secret Santa paint project we did at the shop for a few years. Sadly, this was not getting my set painted fast enough. I did start in 2009! So, for the first time ever I hired a pro-painter; Ryan at two loons painting, to paint the remainder of my set. I’m super happy with the results.

We played The Artefact scenario. I played as the Space Marines first and won. Then my nephew played as the marines and won. Both great games!

Game one I sent the Librarian forward using all my command points. You can see him off in the distance.


Librarian Calistarius meets the last guard of the Blood Angel artefact.


Game one. Corridor is guarded for Calistarius’s return.


When your bolter jams, you die…




Game two marching ordered.


Every room saw hard fighting.


After playing a few games of Space Hulk, I’m just reminded why this is one of my all time favorite games!


Gaslands game!

I played my first game of Gaslands. Super fun! I played a three-player arena duel. We all drove at each other guns-a-blazing.

Everyone drove for the middle of the table.

Gaslands1 (2)Gaslands2 (2)

Rams were planned…

Gaslands3 (2)

…then executed! My silver flame-thrower car survived…


…to then flame Chris’s truck.


More rams were planned… (notice my orange truck lurking)


…nitris was used, and rumble bee was destroyed.


Our game was tons of fun and Gopaul won the duel with some fantastic wreckless driving!



Darkoath Warqueen / Malign Portents

This week concludes GW’s Malign Portents campaign. Malign Portents might have been one of the best WFB/AoS campaigns I’ve ever participated in. I enjoyed how the campaign captured the narrative and thematic rules.

I “slapped” some paint on a Darkoath Warqueen and had her join my Tzeentch force for a game.


Darkoath Warqueen fell to: new-model-added-to-army-syndrome. Bully circled to death by a bunch of Stormcast thugs.


Gaslands 3/5

Hippie bus! I tried to paint this like a show model freshly restored. Not happy with the result. If I ever end up with an airbrush I may try this style of painting again.

Missiles for range and a crew of hippies with Molotov cocktails will be my Gaslands armament for this bus!

Gaslands 2/5

The only size cars I could find to go with my cop car are CARS the movie brand cars. After a few touches I thought they’d lose their cartoon look. I did not notice the smile on the front of this one till I was painting it. It made me laugh so I’m keeping it!

Turrets in any auto duel system are amazing. I magnetized the gun so it can rotate.